Thursday, 30 August 2012

Duffy Theatre

Yesterday we had the Duffy theatre show at our school. It was really funny and I bet everyone enjoyed watching them perform. The show was all about encouraging students to read and find out how books can act as friends, provide space when you are stressed(Time Out)and take you on fantastic adventures. The show was all about the journey of a book called "The Best Book In The World" D4 thinks the actors were amazing and the best actor was Scruffy. He was really hilarious and we loved the way he acted like a 5yr old (BIG) boy. We still cant believe that Scruffy was Duffys YOUNGER brother. Thankyou Duffy Theatre for coming to our school and sharing with us the importance of reading.
D4 with the actors
D4 trying their best to act, along with the actors :)


  1. I like the photos and I went to the Diffe therter and what was the funnyist part you like?

    1. Shiley thats not how you spell duffy theater you spelt it like this 'diffe' when its spelt like this 'duffy'